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Corporate Retirement Plan Consulting and ERISA Advisory Services
Whitfield Retirement Services, LLC specializes in advising corporate 401(k) and pension plans.  We are a retirement plan advisory firm dedicated to utilizing our experience, knowledge, and vast resources to help produce successful retirement plan outcomes for retirement plan sponsors and participants alike.  As specialists in the retirement plan marketplace, we are able to guide our clients through the process of meeting their obligations as plan fiduciaries and providing a high quality retirement plan for their employees.

Retirement Plan Services
Private Equity Due Diligence
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Our Corporate Retirement Plan Advisory Services seek to:

Protect plan fiduciaries
from personal and corporate financial liability and help maintain Plan Compliance through documented, proven Due Diligence processes.

Enhance investment opportunities through a dedicated and ongoing Investment Analysis utilizing multiple quantitative and qualitative metrics.

Guide participants on the benefits of the 401(k) plan and better understanding of investments through targeted education and communication strategies.

Save companies and participants money by conducting detailed Fee Benchmarking to ensure total plan costs are competitive.

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